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New Transformers toys coming

Hasbro_OptimusPrime_Simple2014 marks more than just the 30th anniversary for the Transformers toy line: Hasbro just announced a revamp of the prized toy line that will bring to stores a whole new look. Hasbro’s chief executive, Brian D. Goldner, recently announced that the new toys will be much simpler than the sophisticated toys that older fans are used to. Instead of the challenging, complex techniques that are typically required to build the toy, the new toys will be much simpler and “transformable” in a matter of seconds. Younger fans of the franchise will get the chance to play with BumbleBee and Optimus Prime, but older fans shouldn’t worry: Hasbro will continue making the complex versions. It’s a win-win situation for everyone – older fans can keep adding to their Transformers collections and younger fans will have easy-to-use toys. If you’re wondering when you can get your hands on the new toy line, retailers are expecting them in May. The release of the new toy line also happens to be just a month before the new Transformers: Age of Extinction, coming to theaters on June 27.